Sunday, August 19, 2012

Google Voice On Windows Phone

One of the biggest frustrations for those moving from Android to Windows Phone is the absence of a great system for using their Google Voice number. Sure, they can easily forward calls to their new Windows Phone, but as far as dialing out or sending a text from their GV number, Microsoft didn't do much in the way of solutions for that.

Fortunately, for those displaced Androidians, GoVoice for Windows Phone comes to the rescue. The free App allows for access to the Google Voice inbox, making calls through GV and even sending texts directly from GV. The added bonus to this system the complete Windows Phone look from start to finish. Even the live tile combines a great Metro look with the typical 'fun' look of Google's icons.

The program itself is very simplistic and easy to use. A simple login, tap a number and away it goes. Now for those that get hooked in this App, make sure to disable text forwarding in Google or duplicate messages will drive even the most understanding users crazy.

GoVoice is available for free in the Marketplace.

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  1. On my Samsung Focus, I don't actually get any notifications when I receive a text message when the GoVoice app isn't open. I get an email sent to the account the google voice account is hooked to, but no push notification from the GoVoice app (I've enabled the notifications in the settings of the app). Nor do I see a number next to my icon, like you have in the picture above. Are you able to see that and get push notifications when the app isn't open?