Wednesday, July 15, 2015

T-Mobile Increases Family Plan Data To 10GB For A Price…

New T-Mobile Family Plan

In the latest Uncarrier move, T-Mobile is once again sticking it to the man with a pretty amazing deal. The new ‘plan for families that love data, but don’t love to share’ goes active tomorrow, 7/15/15. The family offering includes the first 2 lines of unlimited talk, text and 10GB of LTE data for just $100. Additional lines will run you $20 a pop, but here’s where it gets unbeatable…

If you sign on before Labor Day, you will get that 4th line completely free, and there’s no promotional period. This offer will be valid as long as your T-Mobile account is valid and you are current on your payments. Of course, T-Mo has every right in the universe to change up plans and not grandfather people in at a later date, but it doesn’t seem likely that this will happen.

The new family plan will continue to offer all the other great Uncarrier benefits like Data Stash, Mobile Without Borders and Music Freedom. It’s about as good as a cell plan can get, without having any of the negatives. Even the post tax prices for the new offering comes in at a miniature $135 a month for 4 lines. Nothing touches this deal across the major carriers or their MVNO’s.

If you are interested in joining up with T-Mobile and this great family offering, check out today.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Is Windows Phone Dead Or Is It Just A Sleeping Dragon?

Really? Commercial - Windows Phone 7 from Diego Contreras on Vimeo.

Once upon a time, there was a kingdom where to rival kings fought for control of the lives of the people that lived there. These kings had slain every other king and taken their kingdoms one by one. The first kingdom was glorious. It had a king that ruled a land of perfect subjects that did everything he asked. The second was a slightly less organized king, who let his subjects run around and do anything they pleased, as long as everything was taken care of at the end of the day. Neither king was right for everyone, but the two groups of subjects were both becoming frustrated with their kings. Then it happened, one morning there was a new king that emerged.

It was a soul that promised to save the subjects of the other two kingdoms from themselves. It was not the same as the starch rule following king. Nor was it the same of the unruly king that had fragmented its kingdom so badly that the subjects hardly knew who they were any longer. It was the perfect blend of everything that was good and right in both kingdoms, but he had no followers. Soon, small groups began to join this new king and his vision. Then more and more people followed. Finally, in an effort to get as many followers as he could, he offered to trade lands with them and even give them money if his land was not as nice as the land they had. This land, was the kingdom of Windows Phone.

When Windows Phone 7 broke on to the scene, Apple wasn’t as polished, but still had the best ‘locked down’ OS for the beginning user. Android was so spread out over 1.5-3.2 that people didn’t know what version they had or what Apps actually ran on their devices. It was the prime opportunity to strike. The first wave of commercials hit and Windows Phone was rolling. Gone was the dwindling share of Windows Mobile users and off they went to become the next big OS. Until…

The first update of Windows Phone came out and it pumped some needed features into the devices. Things like MMS and a few other key features that didn’t make the 7.0 cut were finally on board. It was picking up steam and doing so quickly. Great devices were coming from manufacturers like HTC, Samsung, LG and finally, Nokia. With the release of the Titan, Radar, Lumia 800 and Samsung Focus S, Windows Phone was finally going places. To crank it up a notch, Microsoft began one of the most devastating campaigns in the history of their company, the Smoked by Windows Phone trade-in program.

Smoked By Windows Phone from Lee Hilse on Vimeo.

The Smoked by Windows Phone campaign offered users the chance to take their current Android or iOS phone to a Microsoft Store to perform a series of challenges. If you won, Microsoft handed you a nice $1000 gift card. If you lost, you could trade your old hardware for a brand new Windows Phone of your choice. It was the most amazing piece of marketing in history and swung Windows Phone in to the crowd ahead of BlackBerry in number of users for the first time. Windows Phone was starting to win.

After that, little by little the numbers got better. Apps began to appear in the store. Users were talking about Windows Phone as more than the old Windows Mobile. It was a viable system. Until the tech blogs got involved, that is. Android was maturing and condensing. Less versions on handsets meant less variants for the developers to support. Apple continued to pound features and polish into iOS and their user base grew as well. Windows Phone was slipping again. Then on one fateful day, Joe Belifore, destroyed any chance Microsoft had of getting back in the game with one statement. Windows Phone 8 was coming, and it’s not compatible with anything we’ve sold you…

That sentiment right there destroyed Windows in the mind of every consumer. It was done. By virtually resetting the system to run on the non-CE kernel, then botching the Windows 8 release all together, Microsoft had to about face and run from the mobile industry. An $8 billion mistake in purchasing Nokia… A multi-billion dollar botch of Windows 8… Investing billions more into features that just never quite worked out… It just destroyed them, for now.

Moving to the future, Satya Nadella, the man who will be charged with bringing Microsoft back, has a vision. It’s a simple vision, much like what Windows Phone was to start with. Sell the services, then build hardware to take advantage of it. Just like everything Microsoft has done in the hardware arena, the first run of Windows Phones has been a bust. Yes, just like the Zune, the Xbox, heck, even the Surface – DUD. But that’s not where the story of this king or kingdom ends.

This story continues to the next generation of Windows Phones and the next version of Windows itself. Will Windows 10 finally bring the three screen concept to life? Will Windows 10 be so close to your PC that you can finally say it’s the same? Will making such great Apps for the other guys make it easier for them to switch to Windows once they are ready to upgrade their phones? These are all great questions, and they will be answered. There is one thing for certain, people are buying phones, and they want phones that work the way they want them to. If Windows 10 gives them that phone, those numbers should go up. If not, then you can still get OneDrive for your iPhone, Galaxy S6  or HTC One.


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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Straight Talk’s $495 Yearly Plan Is Nearly Perfect


What if we told you that there is a way to get your cellular service with a premium smartphone for under $1500 for two years? Ok, it’s more like $1700 if you want a really premium phone, but even so, that’s practically half the price of the majors and there isn’t much of a catch to it. In fact, Straight Talk is offering a full year of cellular service for just $495. The plan includes unlimited talk, text and 3GB of data. Of course, if you bring your own device, they will toss in an extra 2GB for you absolutely free.


Straight Talk has been in the game for quite some time and offers plans that are compatible with every carrier in the US. From AT&T to Verizon, Straight Talk can probably activate your device on their family of networks. From iPhone’s to Droids to Windows and even the latest BlackBerry devices, Straight Talk’s $45 a month plan is a great deal for those that like to use some data. Even better, if you happen to blow through that 5GB of LTE data that is thrown in with your monthly fee, you aren’t cut off, you are just slowed to 2G speeds until your renewal date.

Looking at the numbers, the $495 yearly plan comes in at about a 10% savings over paying monthly. For some, it may not be worth it, but for others, it will help make up for that Starbucks price increase. If you are more of an anti-commitment user, the $45 a month bill should still be substantially less than you are paying now. If you’re ready to see what Straight Talk has to offer, hit the link below.

Source: Straight Talk

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

PTel Mobile Discounts Plans, Adds More Data


There is always something good that pops up on a random morning, and today is no different. Ptel Mobile, an MVNO running on the T-Mobile network, has done some plan shuffling to make a few better deals for you and your friends that are looking to save a few bucks a month. Beginning today, you can snag their new $30 plan which includes unlimited talk, text and date, with 1GB at LTE speeds. It also includes a $5 a month credit for international calling. The new $40 plan will allow you to double up that LTE cap to 2GB for just $10 more. For an additional $10, you can take it up to 3GB. Finally, bringing your monthly bill up to $60 will net you 10GB of LTE data.

Ptel Mobile is definitely stepping up their game and their plans to keep pace with the newest offerings from everyone else. Keep in mind that Ptel Mobile does run on the T-Mobile network, so coverage is very strong in cities and larger towns, but can be lacking in rural areas. Overall, their $30 plan puts them in a prime spot for you to consider a jump if you are out of contract or you just want to try the service.

You can combine these new plans with a few amazing deals that Ptel Mobile is running right now. The best for Windows Phone users is the second month free deal for porting your current number over to Ptel Mobile. If you want a free Android device, there is also that option as well.  If you are looking to start saving some cash on your bill, check out the link below.

Source: Ptel Mobile

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Net 10 Wireless Adds More Data To BOYD Program


Net 10 Wireless has a new deal running for anyone that want to bring their own device to the lower cost MVNO. In the past, users have had access to three different plans on Net 10’s unlimited service. The first was a $35 a month unlimited plan with 500MB of LTE data. The second increased the data to 1.5GB for $5 more. Finally, you could double up on the data one more time to 3GB for $50. All of these plans featured a 10% markdown if you were signed up for auto-refill as well.

In a move to catch up a bit, and possibly take the lead on value again, Net 10 has moved to a new 5GB plan for users that are going to be bringing their own device. With auto-pay, this makes the 5GB plan a pretty low $45 a month per line. Add into this their special Upgrade Plans, and you are looking at some pretty amazing phone deals without much upfront cash. For example, the 5GB limit on the Upgrade Plan will set users back $80 a month, but after 6 months, you are eligible for a $300 upgrade credit. That’s a $120 bonus after a very short term expense.

The additional 2GB upgrade that Net 10 is offering for bringing your own phone is a great deal and a great way to win users over that have been on the fence. If you think it’s about time you ditched the big boys and started saving monthly, hit the link below for more details.

Source: Net 10 Wireless