Sunday, July 5, 2015

Net 10 Wireless Adds More Data To BOYD Program


Net 10 Wireless has a new deal running for anyone that want to bring their own device to the lower cost MVNO. In the past, users have had access to three different plans on Net 10’s unlimited service. The first was a $35 a month unlimited plan with 500MB of LTE data. The second increased the data to 1.5GB for $5 more. Finally, you could double up on the data one more time to 3GB for $50. All of these plans featured a 10% markdown if you were signed up for auto-refill as well.

In a move to catch up a bit, and possibly take the lead on value again, Net 10 has moved to a new 5GB plan for users that are going to be bringing their own device. With auto-pay, this makes the 5GB plan a pretty low $45 a month per line. Add into this their special Upgrade Plans, and you are looking at some pretty amazing phone deals without much upfront cash. For example, the 5GB limit on the Upgrade Plan will set users back $80 a month, but after 6 months, you are eligible for a $300 upgrade credit. That’s a $120 bonus after a very short term expense.

The additional 2GB upgrade that Net 10 is offering for bringing your own phone is a great deal and a great way to win users over that have been on the fence. If you think it’s about time you ditched the big boys and started saving monthly, hit the link below for more details.

Source: Net 10 Wireless

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