Sunday, June 28, 2015

Another Month, More Windows Phone Flagship Rumors

There comes a time when it just starts to get old. You know, hearing the same rumors over and over again as each month starts. As June comes to a close, we once again hear the crazy rumors and confirmations of that coveted Lumia 940 and that gorgeous 940XL. Unfortunately, the big issue is that we still don't even have an OS to put on these guesses yet.

Sure, something coming, but to start throwing around specs and terms, it just seems a bit premature. The only thing that tossing out monstrous specs and beautiful renderings will do is miniaturise the impact of the mid-range devices that Microsoft is already pushing out. It makes people forget the Lumia 735 just hit Verizon's shelves and the 640 and 640XL are rolling out as well.

It's sad that the tech blogs publish these rumors and belittle the current efforts so much. I, for one, would be happy to carry the Lumia 640XL as a daily driver. It has more than enough power to run Windows 8 and looks pretty amazing in hand. That said, I haven't seen any of them around yet, so Microsoft folks, if you want to send one my way, I'd be happy to show it off for you.

For now, let's kill the rumors and the what ifs. Let's concentrate on the here and now. Let's grow our platform and encourage developers to get excited about Universal Apps. This fall, we will launch into the beginning or the end for Microsoft's hardware division. As they change to a services company, their mobile devices could just disappear and they could leverage their power on Android and iOS Apps instead. Let's hope Win 10 hits it big and the hardware comes, but until then, don't forget the amazing Lumia's that are right in front of you.

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