Friday, June 19, 2015

What Windows 10 Needs For Me To Stop Carrying An Android Device…

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I’ve gone on and on about the failings of Windows Phone 8.1 over the past year. I’ve poked a bit of fun at the omissions of the OS and the Apps that are missing, but there is something that I never say – even when I am carrying a device like the HTC One M9… I miss Windows Phone.

As amazing as Android is, and don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I don’t like it, or it doesn’t work, it just doesn’t have something that clicks with me. I love the additional Apps for services like Klout, Wordpress and a few others, but I can work around most of those via mobile sites or programs like Windows Live Writer on my Dell Venue Pro. Even with all those extra Apps, a monstrously great device and a ‘perfect’ setup, Android isn’t right for me.

You see, I use my phone primarily as a communications device. That may shock some, but in order of importance, I need a camera, an emailing machine, a texting machine and a PDF reader. That encompasses about 85% of my daily usage. While my M9 does a good job with this, it isn’t as good as my Lumia devices, or even the M8 for Windows. The Windows Phone OS just does a better job of ‘working’ for what I need.

The problem is this, I can’t do everything I want with my Windows Phone either. While it’s a smaller portion of my day, that 5-10% of features is pretty much a deal breaker. For one, something as simple as printing an email can’t be done. Access to Google services, like Drive, which my company uses daily, is practically non-existent. Another common issue that I have is that I feel that Microsoft is putting more effort into my Android Apps than my Windows Apps right now. I know that sounds crazy, but have you seen Bing Torque? It’s freaking amazing!

Now, if Microsoft would just get down to brass tacks here and make my phone work like my Venue 8 Pro, but add the dialer and messaging apps, I think I would be the happiest guy on the planet. I can wirelessly print documents. I can edit photos with the killer OneDrive App. I can read PDF’s in the multiple readers that are available and most of all, there’s no file system problems when trying to upload from a “real” browser. This get’s over that nasty ‘youtube’ issue that seems to plague many users.

So, if you are listening Mr. Microsoft, let’s get this started already, ok? There’s no real reason why Windows and Windows for Mobile should be much different any longer. These 4”-6” devices all have plenty of power to run this OS, I mean my Dell isn’t much more powerful than my Lumia 1520, so… Yeah… Anyways, lets get bringing these awesome services to the forefront and make a phone that uses them well. Bring the mobiles to Windows 10 and not a cut version of Windows 10 to mobiles. Believe me, we will pay $500-1000 for a 5” full Windows 10 device that runs EXE’s and universal Apps. We will, we promise… Now just get this done, ok?

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