Saturday, March 16, 2013

Going Non-Contract With Windows Phone

Today we are taking a peek at the bevy of Windows Phone devices that are available for users at rock bottom prices, in both new and used forms. Sure, you might want to avoid some of those first generation devices, but there are quite a few good options available in the new/used bins at places like or Take for instance, the Samsung ATIV for Verizon Wireless at $299.99 off contract or the powerhouse HTC 8x for $499.99 without that 2 year agreement. If neither one of those are your cup of tea, even the monstrous Nokia Lumia 920 can be had for a non-bank breaking $529.99 while skipping that 24 month agreement.

Now, why on earth would I be talking about these astronomical prices for devices that you can snag for $50-100 on contract? Well, it's simple... Prepaid plans are cheaper in the long run and buying a device at full price allows you to use these state of the art gadgets on those cheaper plans. For example, the 2 year contract price on that new Lumia 920 on AT&T will set you back nearly $3000. For the same package on Red Pocket Mobile, a very strong MVNO that uses Ma Bell's backbone, you would be looking at a total bill of just under $2000. This means you will pocket an extra $1000 over the life of that 24 month period.

For those that wonder, just check out the Wiki listing for MVNO's and see what network they operate on. While you might lose some roaming agreements, some data speed and a chunk of customer service, the cash saved will quickly balance that out. When you think that a $3300 Verizon plan can be replaced by a $2000 Page Plus plan or a $2800 Sprint plan that is replaced by a $1500 Virgin Mobile plan. Even the $2900 T-Mobile plan that is replaced by a $1900 Spot Mobile plan can result in an extra vacation a year.

So, before you renew that next contract to get that low cost device, make sure you do some math. Watch the savings add up with the Non-Contract options that are available today. The carriers have opened their networks for many new options, so maybe you should too? Check out the Smartphone Report's 2013 Best Value In Wireless article to see how much you can save.

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