Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Back To Black

In all the excitement of the release of the Windows Phone GDR1 Developer Preview, I did an unthinkable, I updated without reading the early reviews of the issues. That's when everything bad started happening.

First, there was a major issue with the Live Lock Screen App, so that was uninstalled. Unfortunately, that didn't fix the issue. Next up, a hard reset with a restore. Nothing. So a hard reset followed by a manual entry of my account was up next. When the wake lag persisted, it was a flash back out of the 8.1 preview all together and a return to Black.

About 10 minutes later, my Lumia 925 was partying like it was April 14th... Back to big tiles, buttery smooth performance and a functional Me Tile! I just couldn't believe the difference in what Windows Phone was and how it had become so Androidish.

Having carried the HTC One M7 along with my Lumia 925 for the past few months, I can tell you that Windows Phone was starting to feel more like Android and less like the phone to save me from my phone. Until I pulled the trigger on flashing back, I forgot how incredible the original OS was.

So, instead of flashing right back to the Developer Preview, I think I am going to enjoy 8.0 for a bit. The fact that I love how simple my phone is again goes a long way towards missing out on a key App or two.

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