Sunday, March 8, 2015

App Review: Keep Track Of Your Power With Battery Pro+

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If there is one area that the modern smartphone is lacking, it’s battery power. Sure, they are getting better, but since 2010, Windows Phone has been leading the way with the juice sipping settings that just make any battery last longer than the competition. In fact, looking at the HTC One M8, the Android battery only lasts about 70% as long as its Windows Phone counterpart.
With all that power saving, I’ve never felt the need to track my battery drain, but upon installing a few new Apps, I noticed that my battery level was dropping a bit quicker. So, out came Battery Pro+ and a few days of monitoring. Simply starting the trace function showed me almost immediately what Apps were killing my batter. If you don’t have any major power consumption issues, Battery Pro+ is just a great way to see how much power you are using on a daily basis.
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Battery Pro+ shows you how much time your device spends off charger to how much power per day you are using, You can take your power usage monitoring to the next level by starting the trace function, which will track how much juice your individual Apps are burning as well. This is where installing it earlier, rather than after a problem comes in handy though. If you have a baseline for your device, you can see a spike after you install a few other Apps, you’ll know to run the trace and to watch for those Apps.
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Overall, the $.99 price tag is more than fair for such a great diagnostic program. I won’t say that there aren’t free options out there, but for a buck, but Battery Pro+ just works better. I’ve tried quite a few, and for the free vs. paid solutions out there, Battery Pro+ gets my vote. There is a trial available if you aren’t sure you need on yet, but like I said, you don’t know you will need something like this until a problem comes up, and by then it may not help as much as it would today.
Battery Pro+ is $.99 in the Windows Phone Store and has a 3MB download size. This makes it a great tool for those that often try new Apps and suffer from power issues. It also features shortcuts to popular settings right in the App so you can adjust them to save more battery when need. Battery Pro+ is the perfect addition to your Windows Phone library. You can grab it at the link below.
Download Link: Battery Pro+

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