Friday, August 7, 2015

Verizon To End Device Subsidies Starting August 13th


Saving money on the best network in the US is great, but when something touted as a money saving plan ends up costing users more, it’s a tough pill to swallow. In the most competitive market that wireless has ever seen, simplicity makes it nice for some, but a lower bill is becoming more and more the measure of value to many users. Beginning with T-Mobile, all four major US carriers now have a payment or lease program for getting on to their network. This move prompted many to take advantage of the BYOD programs and save anywhere from $10-$30 a month on their bills. Verizon’s EDGE program was one such deal, and beginning August 13th, it might be the only option for some that want to ride Big Red’s network going forward.

Next week, Verizon will be launching their new lineup of plans, beginning the era of subsidy-less devices on their network for the first time ever. The new plans will be just $20 for unlimited talk and text with any device. You can then add your choice of data plans in a 1GB ($30 a month), 3GB ($45 a month), 6GB ($60 a month) or 12GB ($80 a month). This would mean a monthly cost for a family of four on the 6GB plan would reach $170 after taxes and fees. On top of that, you will now either pay full retail for handsets at the time of signing up, or pay anywhere from $10-$35 a month to buy one over a period of time from Verizon. This brings the monthly bill for that same family of iPhone users to over $300 a month for four basic lines with 6GB of shared data.

While carriers like Sprint and T-Mobile continue to offer users deals that can’t be beat, Verizon is trying to woo customers with new simplistic plans that just won’t save anyone much money. Even Verizon’s own prepaid plans are a better deal than the new  post-paid offerings. While it’s nice to see Verizon dropping the contracts, the move is not going to work in everyone’s favor. For those that are running an unlimited plan, or even those that managed to hit the 30GB for $120 deal that Verizon offered last year, the new plans will not be a money saver.

For those that still need the Verizon network, we recommend checking out Red Pocket Mobile and their CDMAV plans. For as little as $20 a month, you can get started on the Verizon nationwide network. Of course, with the volley of plans coming from other MVNO’s out there, it’s still hard to pass up on deals like Republic Wireless and FreedomPop. If you need a more traditional cell plan, check out the offerings from PTel Mobile and GIV Mobile. Both of these T-Mobile MVNO’s offer unlimited talk, text and data from $25 a month.

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