Monday, September 17, 2012

Data Saver: Nokia Music

There is something magical about an App that streams music, yet uses no data. It is that kind of App that earns our "Data Saver" award. Our Data Savers are Apps that are fully functional Apps that require minimal onboard storage while allowing a maximum entertainment experience. 

In our time with the Nokia 900, we've been lucky enough to test drive the amazing Nokia Music App. Available in the US for the Nokia 800 and 900 series devices, Nokia Music allows users with unlimited plans can stream music by artist, genre or the extremely well programmed presets. As an added bonus, this free software also has some tricks up its sleeves.

By long pressing on any station, you can select the offline play option that will download the entire station to the device memory for a non-data using music experience. The offline music option includes hours of tracks that are relevant to the genre or artists you select and also includes the album artwork as well. A quick tap of the skip button moves you on to the tracks that you want, without having to survive the tracks you don't.

The Nokia Music Player also accesses all the tracks in your device memory that have been loader via the Zune software on your PC. It will also allow direct purchases of any of the tracks you listen to and store them in your Nokia account.

Once again, Nokia has floored us with an amazing software package that is free to those with one of their premium handsets. The Lumia series hardware is still one of the most superior designs in the industry and the desire to own one is only made stronger by their amazing additions to the Windows Phone Marketplace.

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