Thursday, September 13, 2012

Quick Press: HTC Connection App Goes Missing

Rumored to have an update due in August, the unpopular HTC Connection Setup App has disappeared from the Windows Marketplace this evening. While it isn't clear if an update is imminent or of there was just a glitch, hopeful users will be watching to see if HTC is finally bringing some MVNO love to their App.

UPDATE 9/20: The app is back in the Marketplace, but no noticable changes or updates have taken affect? Perhaps a rejection from MS or was it just a simple glitch in the system?

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  1. If it is an update or whatever I hope they do it fast. I just got my windows phone and without that app I have no chance of using internet or mms.

    1. ask your carrier for the mms settings Go to APN setting and enter (for Bell it's
      leave everything else blank, save restart and you should have everything but ability to attach a pic to texting.

    2. Unfortunately, HTC only gives you the ability to edit the data APN in the Windows Phone settings. HTC users need the Connection Setup App to configure all services.