Saturday, November 17, 2012

Back To The Zoo

It has been far too long since we did a family day together. We just needed to get out and spend a bit of time being together. Not like the mall or shopping, but just a nice spending the day together kind of time. So to make this happen, we packed up in the truck and headed out to the Woodland Park Zoo for the day.

Unfortunately, the weather played havoc with our plans as it was cold and wet... All that was missing for the trifecta was a bit of snow, but we didn't quite get that cold today.

The lights were being set up for the opening of Zoo Lights next weekend and we finally got Evie her own membership. It was $11 instead of the $4.50 per visit that it would start costing soon, so we took the plunge and grabbed it.

The zoo is always fun, and we had a good time visiting with the few animals that were out. The penguins were in exceptional form today as the cold weather was right up their alley. The rain forest room was also a nice break from the cold, until it started raining on us in there as well.

We finished the day with a Christmas special on the TV and some relaxing on the couch. Good times!

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