Friday, November 16, 2012

Microsoft Jabs At Google

Who says the folks at Redmond, A: Have given up or B: Don't have a sense of humor? All you have to do to see the fighting, comedic spirit is check out the Windows Phone Twitter account and their post from this morning that attacked the security of Android Apps.

"@windowsphone: Over 110,000 apps and unlike Google Play, Windows Phone tests & certifies every app for your peace of mind. #MeetYours"

This isn't just a slam on Android of course, but the entire Google Play system, which, personally cost me a Nexus 4 device when my purchase "failed" because they hadn't fixed a hold they put on my account 6 months ago.

Lets face it, anything Android can do, Windows Phone can do better. Unfortunately, unless the market penetration climbs dramatically in the 4th quarter this year, it may end up being too little to late for Microsoft. Perhaps another giveaway and a quick rollout of Windows Phone 7.8 is in order?

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