Thursday, October 24, 2013

Product Review: Skullcandy Titan Earbuds


When it comes to music, good headphones will make or break the experience for most people. Skullcandy earphones are usually one of the better bang for the buck deals out there, so I took the a pair of the  Skullcandy Titans out for a test drive. First off, the packaging is very sturdy. This is probably done to help retailers keep the items in the boxes. You need to punch a tab at the bottom of the box to get into it.

After you get in, you will see various sized ear tips, the headphones and a carrying bag. The bag is a nice touch for storing your buds when not in use. After a quick swap of the standard tips that felt a bit large in my ears I pushed the packaging off to the side and got started.

Sound: Out of the box without any EQ setting on my Lumia 810 produced a clean crisp sound. The highs were very clear and the lows were there, but didn’t have too much punch. Once quick flip in to the Audio settings on my device though, and the bass kicked in and the Titans delivered. I now understand why so many people say that Skullcandy knows earbuds.

Build: Since the performance was spot on with the Skullcandy Titans, I wanted to examine the build quality of them. There had been a few issues on Amazon reviews with the earpieces falling apart or even the ‘copper’ series ones oxidizing. Fortunately, I wasn’t trying the copper ones, so that wasn’t an issue for me. As far as other complaints about the quality, I found them to be empty. The seam where the plastic parts and metal stems meet is extremely solid, The rubber tips fit very snug over the plastic caps on the buds themselves. Overall, they seem very solid. That said, I wouldn’t try throwing them on the ground and stomping on them, I just don’t think they would take much abuse like that.

Overall: At a price nearing $30, the Skullcandy Titans are one of the lower end headphone sets out there. I won’t even justify the bargain basement under $10 models that we sometimes pick up just to have a pair in this comparison because they wouldn’t even measure up to the Titans. Throwing them up against the Sennheiser CX 685 or Bose IE2 headsets seems more logical and for me, a more even match. The bottom line is that these little $30 earphones can hold their own against these two headsets that cost 3-4 times as much. The Skullcandy Titans are one to check out for any music lover in the crowd.

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