Thursday, October 3, 2013

Protect Your Nokia Lumia Device

The Friendly Swede (TM) Bundle of 6 Premium Flexible S-Line TPU Skins/Cases/Covers for Nokia Lumia 920 + 2 Screen Protectors + Cleaning Cloth in Retail Packaging

When you get that shiny new Nokia Lumia, the first thing you should invest in is a quality case that won’t get in the way of those fancy Qi backs and other great accessories that you picked up. Below, I’ve selected my favorite TPU cases and deals.

The Friendly Swede (TM) Bundle of 6 Premium Flexible S-Line TPU Skins/Cases/Covers for Nokia Lumia 920 is an amazing value at $13.99. This pack includes 6 colors that can cover any occasion. The flexible cases are durable and will protect your phone from most of the scrapes, bumps and bruises that your phone will endure on a day to day basis. The 6 Pack of TPU cases will also help the resale value of your phone when that time comes to upgrade it.

The Premium Flexible S-Line TPU Cases are available today for $13,99 for the set or about $2.33 each.

Iwotou Nokia Lumia 925 Case Bundle/ Pack Wave Series S-Line Rubber Skin Soft TPU Gel Case Cover for Nokia Lumia 925 (AT&T, T-Mobile) + Cleaning Cloth & Wristband (Lumia 925, Red/ Purple/ White/ Pink)

If you have a Lumia 925 in hand, the Iwotou Nokia Lumia 925 Case Bundle is where the action is at for you. The same protection level as the S-Line TPU cases above, and a $9.98 price tag makes this 4 pack a great deal. The White and Red covers are the strongest in the group, but the lavender and pink will certainly add a bit of color when needed. I like to think of this pack as as the perfect couples pack.

The Iwotou Nokia Lumia 925 Case Bundle is available online for $9.98 for the set of 4 or about $2.50 each.

Eagle Cell PHNK521YSTBLBK HypeKick Hybrid Protective Gummy TPU Case with Kickstand for Nokia Lumia 521 - Retail Packaging - Blue/Black

Moving on to the smaller Lumias, the Nokia Lumia 521 has 100’s of options available. My favorite is the Eagle Cell Hypekick Gummy Case. With a retail price of $2.21, you can grab a few of these handy protectors and change colors whenever you feel the need. This goes great with the standard white back of the Nokia Lumia 521. Grab a few of the color selections in the online list and save them for when you feel the need to change it up.

The 521’s sister phone, the Nokia Lumia 520, also has the Eagle Cell Hypekick Gummy Case as my favorite protection option. With prices from pennies to around $10, there’s the right case in the right color for everyone. Check out the list for the Lumia 520 to find your perfect case.

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