Monday, April 7, 2014

App Review: Appoint Offers One Click Calendar Access For Your Windows Phone


I wasn’t sure what to expect from Appoint based on the description and frankly, I didn’t know how much easier setting appointments could be in Windows Phone, but I got a request form ChaotApps and just had to try out Appoint.

After a quick install, I quickly realized how much faster entering appointments in Windows Phone could be. One click of “Tomorrow” and I was entering in my appointment for tomorrow. Not the usual two clicks that I normally had. Normally, I would blow that off and keep the multiple click method and save some storage space. This won’t be the case with Appoint since the install size is only 2.9 MB.


After clicking the proper tile, you have one touch access to the “add appointment” section of your calendar. If you pin a tile to your home screen, you can edit the details from it.




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