Saturday, April 11, 2015

HTC Confirms Windows 10 For The One M8–Or Almost Does


If there is one thing that has been great about the way that Microsoft has handlled Windows Phone in the past, it would have to be the transparency at how updates would or wouldn’t be handled in the future. For better or worse, upgrade or non-upgrade information has come quickly through the channels (thanks Joe Belifore) and has been pretty accurate. While it was confirmed a while back that almost all the Lumia line of devices would be getting the Windows 10 for Mobiles update, third party devices like the Samsung ATIV, HTC One and various others have remained very quiet about their upgrade plans.

It looks like HTC is the first to break their silence about their upgrade plans for their One M8 for Windows, and the emphasis on that should be ‘looks’. The HTC US twitter account posted a vague answer to the question online revealing that their flagship Windows device will be getting software updates for 2 years after it’s launch.

Since the device launched in August of last year, this would mean that HTC will continue developing updates for the M8 as far out as July of 2016. While many would see this as great news, those in the know (Hello 8X users!) are reading more into this than the rest. HTC has a bumpy history of getting those promised updates through carriers and on to devices. In fact, Microsoft themselves promised 2 years of updates to multiple devices only to have them come up well short of that mark. The most notable failure in this chain was the Nokia Lumia 810 on T-Mobile. After 6 months, T-Mobile canned the struggling device and support for it stopped shortly there after.

Even so, with HTC’s comment, one would have to assume that the device maker will be pushing the update to carriers as quickly as possible. It’s doubtful that there will be a timetable like the Android updates feature, but it should be considered good news for M8 users no matter how you look at it. It will also be interesting to see if Microsoft continues their plans to push a non-reversible Windows 10 for Mobiles update path for Android devices as well. If the support is this good, there’s no doubt that Microsoft could start winning over Android devices one user at a time.


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