Monday, April 13, 2015

Would You Let Your Carrier Put Ads On Your Phone For Reduced Cost Service?


Advertising. We all hate to see it everywhere, but it’s always just a blink away. Websites, pop-ups, billboards, everywhere we look there’s an advertisement for something. Of course, one of the worst offenders to this plague is mobile advertising. Games and websites are loaded with them. Some ads even push them to your devices when you aren’t looking. One such recent App that did this made an interesting thought appear – would you let your carrier put ads on your device for reduced cost or even free service?

It’s been reported that the average person unlocks their cellphone 110 times a day. 110 times! This would mean that at $.002 an ad, a cell company could generate $6.60 a month in just simple display ads. If this was applied to a plan like PTel Mobile’s $25 unlimited plan, that would bring the cost down below $19 a month.Of course, if you unlocked your phone more often, you would generate more income. Unlocking 150 times a day brings that up to $9 a month. A simple increase of $.001 (a tenth of a penny) brings the total up to $13.50 a month – or over half that plan .

While advertising may be obtrusive, annoying and just a bit painful sometimes, getting paid to see them really might make them a bit more fun. Using your browsing history, a small amount of data and targeted marketing, this could be a way for the cell companies (or maybe a new MVNO?) to offer unbelievable deals on their products. A simple banner ad displaying on the bottom of your lock screen or even just at the top of the screen when you use certain features of your device (maybe the music player?) could generate enough cash to give you a major discount on that expensive service plan.

What are your thoughts, would you let your phone company push ads to you in order to save $5, $10 or even $20 a month on your bill? Imaging that family of 5 getting a $100 a month discount?

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