Sunday, February 28, 2016

Insiders On Lumia 550, 950 And 950XLTreated To Mobile Build 14267


This is when reality stinks for Windows 10 Mobile bloggers. When something new comes out and it will be a $600 investment to see it in action. Alas, I must come back to reality and just report that some folks out there in the fast rings have been reporting that their magical Lumia’s have found the first of the Redstone builds, complete with some polish for Edge and Cortana. Overall, Redstone build 14267 appears to be a bunch more polish and a way to include a few new features.

First off, Microsoft Edge moves along nicely in this build. With the ability to use the WordFlow keyboard in the address bar and initiate a private browsing section without 4 taps to get there. There is also the new tabs key next to the address bar for faster switching between tabs. Overall, Edge is coming together quite nicely for the first major release.

Next up, a few changes for Cortana. She now can listen to music and tell you what she is hearing from a simple one button tap on her home screen. This build brings her current to functionality found on the desktop App, which should help ease people back into the Cortana experience after a bumpy launch so far on Windows 10 and Android.

The final feature that received a bit of polishing for this build is the Save to SD feature on the video camera. Some Insiders had reported that they were suffering from stuttering video play back when videos were recorded to the SD card. What this ended up being was a recording issue, not a playback issue. Build 14267 fixes the write buffer which now allows for HD video to be recorded to the SD care without any additional issues.

So, good news overall, but please, someone send me a new Lumia so I can report on these first hand – or maybe even just buy a few items from my links on the right so I can afford to purchase one for myself. I would love to see these new builds in action, but my trust HTC One M8 for Windows just isn’t getting the updates as fast. For now, enjoy the updates if you get them and if not, with everything going ok on them, they should roll out to general release soon.

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