Friday, March 25, 2016

Windows 10 Updates: What A Difference A Year Makes


Last April, I brought to you details of how HTC planned on supporting the Windows 10 Update for the HTC One M8 for Windows. When we fast forward to this year, and yes, it’s been a full year, we now see that the upgrading future of the powerful device is now shaky at best. While it hasn’t officially been put on the no fly list, there are no indications that it will be receiving the newest version of Windows either. HTC support is pulling their usual operating silence and Verizon, their launch partner is also not commenting on the topic.

The worst part of this for consumers is that most of us purchased Windows 8 devices after being told that they would receive the Win10 update. The first step was Microsoft letting us know that some features – mainly Continuum – will never work with older devices. Now the list of upgradable devices is shrinking at an alarming rate. Is this feedback from the Insider’s Program, and if so, they really need to share that with the public, or is it just another reboot where they are telling everyone they need to buy a new phone every 2 years?

Either way, the transparency that I so boldly wrote about a year ago has gone by the wayside. It’s now a muck of gloom and doom for almost anyone with a non-2015 Lumia model. Hopefully Microsoft will get their act together and let us know what’s going on. Many of us still love the Windows platform and really want to carry a strong Windows 10 device, but that just doesn’t exist in reality yet. Maybe someday, but not yet.

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