Saturday, May 19, 2012

Local Scout Does It All

When you are out and about in an unfamiliar area, there are plenty of Apps that can help you out. This is one of those "built-in" features of Windows Phone that really shines though. Local Scout is Microsoft's tell all about the area you are in.

With Local Scout, you can find restaurants, activities, movie times, local hotspots and more with just a single click. Putting the Local Scout tile on your home screen makes access even faster.

Need to know reviews of the restaurant you just pulled into, they are a tap away. Need to know how far it is from your hotel to the movie theater, just click. Want to know if there is a store that sells screen protectors for your Focus S? Just go to shop and select a category.

Local Scout is broken up into 4 quick find screens. Eat+Drink specializes in restaurants, bars and coffee stands. See+Do has one touch access to local attractions. Shopping is pretty self explanatory. Lastly, Highlights has a special section at the bottom for your favorites.

In your favorites, you can save those restaurants you love, the theater you usually visit and even places where you normally go to concerts. Local Scout can give you directions, reminders and more.

While there are plenty of Apps that do what Local Scout does, there are very few that do it as well.

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