Monday, May 21, 2012

Something's Missing...

Blogging from a device really was eaiser from Android than Windows Phone. At least from my rooted EVO it was. It made it simple to do something called a screen capture.

For the average user, a screen capture is nothing important. To those of us trying to show what we are doing on our devices in a blog, screen captures are very important. While we can bed a bit and take a photo of our device or even download the demo screen shots, it isn't like having our own screen.

This brings up a few interesting tid bits that the competition is doing just a smidge (or lots) better. It is almost a "What's missing from Windows Phone" style of questions here. Let's take a peek.

1) Screen Shots or Screen Captures: Ok, honestly, nobody really uses screen caps, except tech bloggers and those wanting to embarass friends on that Auto-Correct website. Not a big loss, but it is a major feature for those that need it.

2) Turn By Turn Navigation: Android has this under control and the iPhone does pretty well also. Windows Phone is stuck in 'Tap for directions' mode so don't bank on it being perfect. Sure there are third party apps, but who wants to pay $30 for a good GPS program?

3) Full size photo uploading. We don't care where this happens, bit without having it built in to the OS, how do we know where its going? Fortunately, there is the mini file upload to SkyDrive option to help ease the load.

4) Differing keyboards: I'm not the only one that would like a few options.

5) Differing browsers: Sure the original works, but who doesn't way more choices?

So this is my short list of why did they skip out on this stuff in Windows Phone and hopefully they will build in into the next one.

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