Friday, May 18, 2012

Socialize Faster With Live Tiles

You have to love getting things done faster. Whether it's doing work or checking your Facebook page, speed makes it all better. That's the basis for Windows Phone, doing more, faster.

With Live Tiles, your life is laid out in a few squares with one touch access to your friends and family. Of course, for you dedicated professionals, your family probably includes coworkers and partners too. With one touch, you can text your bowling team, email your fantasy football league or even let the entire family know you are off work and hour early and taking them to dinner.

Live tiles don't stop there. With Accuweather's App installed, you have the current weather on your home screen and the forecast a tap away. With the integrated inbox tile, your corporate, personal and junk emails are all in one simple place. With ESPN's live tile, you'll never miss a score again!

Push updates mean you don't miss a beat. Text and picture messages update on your messaging live tile instantly. Missed a call? Just tap the phone tile to see who it was. Live tiles make life simple and live tiles on the Focus S are vivid and bright.

Check out the Focus S at our Amazon store by clicking the link to the right. If your carrier doesn't have the Focus S, checkout for a Windows Phone that your carrier does offer and see how live tiles can free up your time for better things.

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