Monday, July 30, 2012

First Look: HTC Locations

One of the benefits of changing hardware in the Windows Phone system is the different "exclusive" software fixes that are out for individual manufacturers. One of the drawbacks that I experienced with the Samsung Focus S is the lack of a decent "turn-by-turn" navigation program. This was one of the first Apps that I purchased, but now that I am using the HTC Titan as my daily driver, it has become less useful.

HTC has outdone the simple "Navigation: Turn by Turn" software that I purchased with their custom "Location" App. Not only does it offer location services like where to find the closest cash machine or gas station, but it also includes turn by turn directions to just about anywhere.

As an added bonus, when you first install the program, you can download segments of the map for offline use. This will save quite a bit of data long term while only using a GB of internal storage for a section as large as the Western United States.

HTC Locations is a great addition to your HTC Titan or any HTC device with more than 8GB of memory. Below that, it will probably require a bit more storage than most are willing to give up. Check it out today for a great navigation experience.

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