Saturday, July 14, 2012

Putting Ringtones On Your Focus

When I had my Android device, heck, when I had my Motorola Q, I had a ringtone for everyone in my contact list. My bosses had their own tones, so did my friends. My family members all had different songs that came on when they were calling. It was nice. I knew who was calling from across the room and without needing to see the screen.

This continued through to my Android devices, but started to sway a bit when Facebook contacts and Twitter users were added in to my contact list. I still had my old standbys though.

When I jumped to Windows Phone, I read all about customizing ringtones in Zune, uploading them and assigning them and just about chucked the phone out the window. Who wants to go through all that just to get a custom tone? But instead, I lived with it, until I discovered "Sky Music" from the Marketplace.

Sky Music is a simple music finder app that allows you to download small sections of a song as a ringtone or full versions of songs for listening in the player. It's very quick to use, and even easier to set up ringtones after you're done. Here's the quick rundown of operating Sky Music and how to set that tone you just downloaded to your best friend.

First, download Sky Music from the Marketplace. Then open the App. Tap on "find ringtone" and enter the song name. The play button previews the track, the stop button stops the preview and the musical note downloads the track for use. Quick and simple. The confirmation screen will ask if you want to make it your default tone or not. I usually want a default tone that is normal, but if you want something jazzy for your's just download one and check that box.

Once the song is downloaded, hit up your people tile and find the user you want to set the first song to. Open their contact page, select the pencil to edit and scroll down to the + Ringtone listing. Press this, then select the song you want to have as their ringtone. After the song is selected, just press the back arrow to leave the page and do the next contact.

Before long, your entire phone is programmed successfully and all your friends have those custom ringtones back.

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