Sunday, July 22, 2012

Making It Through The Day

One of the most impressive feats of the Samsung Focus S is the battery life of the device. Here it is, the end of a long weekend day, and I am sitting at 31% battery left. Now that may not seem impressive, but keep in mind that I've been off charger for 15 hours already.

The combination of the SAMOLED screen and the power conservation of Windows Phone makes all day power a reality, even when you're out at the farm working. The Focus S relies on a very small battery by today's standards, but squeezes the most out of it by saving power in many ways.

When launching the  camera, there is no need to unlock the phone, load an App and wait to take a photo. Just a quick hold of the camera button launches the viewfinder for that next image. When checking emails, only a small portion of the message is downloaded, saving juice on powering that radio for too long. Of course, the lower power SAMOLED screens use less power for blacks that their LED cousins, meaning more watts for something else.

Overall, you can take a few simple steps to save even more battery by trying the following: Set your screen brightness to Low, then engage the Auto mode, Set important email accounts to sync at 15 minutes and everything else to 1 hour, and try to stay on WiFi when possible since it uses less power than the cellular radio.

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