Friday, April 12, 2013

Miniclip Offers Up Free Xbox Titles

We love free games and this is a good week to love free. If you venture over to the Store right now, you will find a selection of some classic Windows Phone Xbox games that have been reduced to nothing. Mini-Clip, makers of Gravity Guy and Fragger, has reduced the price of a few of their classic titles so that everyone can enjoy them. Regularly priced from $.99 - $2.99, these games are good for more than a bit of time killing.
Gravity Guy is your basic "runner" game where tapping your screen will reverse the gravity and allow your player to run at the top of the screen. Basically a puzzle/action game, it is very challenging and keeps time moving quickly. Just don't become addicted to it as Gravity Guy 2 is available in the Store as well.
- Amazing graphics
- Leaderboards and Achievements
- Local multiplayer mode up to 4 players
- 3 game modes Story, Practice and Endless
- Interactive tutorial to learn how to play

Fragger is your 'Angry Birds' game on steriods. The game is simple, lob your explosives over to the 'bad guys' and make them go boom... It's fun from the start and the puzzle aspects of getting through some of the levels can be quite entertaining, if not maddening!
- Amazing graphics
- Leaderboards and Achievements
- Interactive tutorial to learn how to play
iStunt 2 really makes you a bit dizzy when you start focusing heavily on the game. This snowboarding classic makes you twist and flip and turn through level after level of exciting courses. The good news is that iStunt 2 is exciting and keeps you moving from the start. The bummer part of it is, well, I found it hard... Which just made me want to play it more and more... Which meant less time with every other game.
Key Features:
- Amazing graphics!
- Great Ragdoll Physics!
- Gravity Inversion and Zero Gravity Zones
- Rails, Boosts, Fans
- Floating mountains out of nowhere!
- Leaderboards and lots of achievements!

Monster Island was the game of the night for me. This game is flat out crazy addictive. Of the four, this is the one that I couldn't put down for 50+ levels last night. Miniclip, I love you, but my sleep patterns did not. Giving you the basic play, you use your monster to throw various projectiles at the bad guys and win each level. Again, a bit of the Angry Birds feel, but so much more fun! Miniclip, my hat's off to you on this one. When Monster Island 2 comes out, I am definetly making that purchase!
* 252 levels over 4 different islands (and more to come!)
* Choose one of 12 unique heroes
* Leader Boards and Achievements
* Interactive tutorial to learn how to play

So, don't walk, but run over to your phone and click the link to visit the Store and download these games before they are gone, or at least not free anymore. You can get to them via the following link and get them today!

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