Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Updated: Out Of Memory!?

It is probably the most frustrating part of owning a Lumia 810. That pesky memory issue. The 810 shipped with 8GB of internal memory and an SD expansion slot that can give you 64GB more if needed. What they forgot to mention to anyone is that your App storage isn't something you can use most of that storage even if it is clear.

While getting set to download the new Asphalt 7 trial, I was met with the message in the image above. With only 970MB of Apps installed and 2.25GB of available storage, I had no clue why this was happening. I tried again and found the result was the same.

This leads me to the following statement: Windows Phone limits App storage just like Android does.

Sad, but more than likely true. If the App storage limit is actually set at 1+GB and won't let you install more than a few games and common Apps before kicking your next download to the curb. I'll do a bit more digging and see if I can find out more on this limitation.

Update 8:57AM - NokiaCareUS replied to my Tweet this morning about this issue. They stated that Asphalt 7 requires 2.5GB of storage space to fully install. So even though the App states that it is 512MB, apparently the system needs 2.5GB to install the game? More on this later hopefully...

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