Thursday, April 4, 2013

PTel Mobile: Value To The Extreme

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There is a carrier that many people fail to realize is still around, but they are, and their plans are better than ever. PlatinumTel Prepaid Wireless, the old Pay-As-You-Go carrier, has come back with a vengeance in these tough economic times to deliver an unmatched price to performance  value.

Founded in 2001, PlatinumTel has been through the Pay-As-You-Go syndrome, offering the lowest cost “Real Pay-go” service ($.05 a minute) and has emerged as a value based MVNO that offers an amazing $40 plan that gets you unlimited talk, text and data.

PlatinumTel, running under the new PTel branding, operates on a nationwide 4G speed network. The $40 plan allows a user to run at those higher speeds for the first 250MB of data, slowing to 150kbps after that. Our speed tests showed speeds of 15Mbps down and 3.5Mbps up in that 4G range and we were pinned between 120-150kbps after throttling. Even at these throttled speeds, we were able to surf Facebook and Mobile sites without any issues at all.

PlatinumTel or PTel for short also offers a 2GB plan for an additional $10. As another bonus, you can send international text messages to friends overseas for no added cost. This is a great additional feature for those with spouses serving in the military.

Overall, PlatinumTel offers Windows Phone users another great plan to use without having to shell out a huge amount of cash each month. SIM cards and PlatinumTel plans can be found at PlatinumTel retailers and online.


  1. I just ported an HTC 8x on Ptel and can't get data outside of a wi-fi zone. I have the phone set to their suggested settings (apn: wholsale) and still nothing. The home screen bar shuttles between E (edge) and 4G and still no data. Suggestions??

  2. Is your 8x an AT&T or T-Mobile version? If it is an unlocked AT&T device, it may not have the proper frequency for 4G data in your area. The 8x is also available in an international version which would give you the same problem.

    The full APN settings are as follows...

    Name: PTEL Mobile
    APN: wholesale
    Proxy: [leave blank]
    Port: [leave blank]
    Username: [leave blank]
    Server: [leave blank]
    MMS Proxy: [leave blank]
    MMS Port: [leave blank]
    Authentication Type: [leave blank]
    APN Type: blank or internet and MMS

    Press menu and select 'Save'
    Make sure you select the 'PTEL Mobile' profile you just created