Tuesday, December 2, 2014

App Review: VinVid Saving Life 6 Seconds At A Time


Even though I’ve never been a huge Vine user, mostly due to the fact that watching 6 second videos of others can be downright boring, I have to admit that VinVid – Vine Downloader by D3staz caught my eye right off the bat. The fact that I could go on to Vine, grab the URL for my favorite clip, then download it, that just made sense.

VinVid has one of the most simple interfaces on the planet. Simply open the App, paste in the URL of the post you want and poof, you own it. There’s no super duper thrills or gimmicks here, just a well coded App that does exactly what you want it to. VinVid is one of those Apps that could have been ruined by trying to do too much with it. Fortunately, D3staz kept things simple and VinVid is a total winner. The 2MB install size is a bonus as well.

If you are a Vine users, go grab VinVid for free right now in the Windows Phone Store. If not, grab it and check out the official Vine or 6sec. You might just find a new way to share yourself online.

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