Monday, December 29, 2014

Back From Christmas Break…


One of the downsides to having so many people wanting to you test things is that sometimes you have to take a step away from what you love in order to realize why you love it. For the last few weeks, I’ve been test driving a few devices including the monstrously amazing HTC Desire Eye for AT&T. Over the last few weeks, seeing the Apps and power of the new “Android” devices, made me realize that Windows Phone is still my home OS. While it may have quite a few new short comings, especially in the world of Apps, overall, it seems to offer the most comfortable interface around.

So, even though I have to give up picture messaging, which honestly, my wife is the only one that sends me images anyways, I am back on my gorgeous HTC One M8 for Windows, but not using the device on Verizon as their monthly rates are just too darn high for me. Even their $45 a month prepaid plan is $10-20 a month more than I pay for GSM prepaid offerings. Currently, I am enjoying a nice plan from PTEL Mobile, which sets me back $35 a month, with the second month free when I ported my number in to their service.

So far, PTEL Mobile has delivered on the network speeds, which appear to be T-Mobile’s native LTE speeds, and with a 2 month run for $35, how can one not want to give it a shot. The 500MB of data is easily enough for my M8 to run well while out and about (and believe me, after seeing some of the Android data usage, I LOVE Data Sense so much more!) and away from Wi-Fi. Of course, if you need a bit more, you can visit PTEL Mobile and see the other options as well.

For me, the $35 plan is the only one that I will touch as the cost goes up pretty quickly without getting much more thrown in. If you need more data than the $35 plan hands out, both Net10 and Straight Talk offer about 3GB of high speed data for around $50 a month. If you can get by with a little less, the $39.99 GSMT plan from Red Pocket Mobile gives you 2GB of data before being throttled down to 2G speeds.

Overall though, the T-Mobile MVNO’s offer quite a bang for the buck. More data, faster data and unlimited talk with text is quite the deal to be had for such a small monthly cost.

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