Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Cyber Dust Makes Its Way To Windows Phone

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With all the news lately about the demise of third party access to SnapChat and the lack of an official Windows Phone App leaving people stranded, it is easy to forget that there are other players in the game. Cyber Dust is one such player that apparently values Windows users a bit more than those other guys. Cyber Dust is a messaging app that offers so many different reasons to use it, that it is hard to justify not having it installed on your Windows device.

First off, it is a full featured messaging client. Pictures, videos, voice memos, and just plain texts are all delivered in the manner you choose for free. PIN locked, encrypted messages can be delivered to a single user or blasted to one of your groups instantly for no charge at all. Cyber Dust will even notify you if someone decides to ‘capture’ your message with a screenshot. It’s everything that people wanted in those other guys, but smoothed out and ready for primetime.

Cyber Dust doesn’t stop there either. It is also available to a world wide market, making it a very cost effective messaging platform for overseas users. It also is a great solution for business users that require a bit more security than the typical SMS or messaging program offers. Overall, if word spreads about Cyber Dust, it could easily become one of the best messaging platforms on the market today. Performance wise it is already there, but the user base is still rather small since it just launched.

Cyber Dust gets a huge thumbs up from me, even though I am not the prototypical user of Apps like this. I’m not one that usually hides my Windows Phone much, so sneaky messages aren’t really a concern for me, but I do understand the market and why people would want them. Fortunately, Cyber Dust answers the call for users that need exactly this service and it does so beautifully!

Cyber Dust is available in the Windows Store and is free.

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