Sunday, October 28, 2012

Game Time: Texas Holdem Poker

Killing time with mobile games is always a great way to use your mobile device. Finding the right games to kill the most time, with the smallest expense is the perfect solution. For poker fans, Texas Holdem Poker is a great way to beat the boredom and take care of those cravings between the weekly poker night get together.

Game play is wonderful, although if you get stuck at a slow table, it can be a bit tedious. The basics of play are you join a table, buy-in, then wait to play your first hand until the current hand is done. Waiting for that first hand can be a bit slow, depending on how the timing works out for joining it. Once you are in, you'll see you first two cards that you are dealt, then a round of betting occurs. After everyone's initial bets, the flop happens and another round of betting occurs. After the checks and raises, the turn card comes down and finally the river.

The low cost tables are great for learning, just don't be afraid to fold those bad hands. Betting on those bad hands will lose your money pretty quickly and recharging your chips means sitting out a turn. Also, make sure you stop in daily for the 'bonus chips' which can really start to rack up quickly.

Texas Holdem Poker is free at the Windows Marketplace and requires a data connection to play.

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