Saturday, October 6, 2012

Why Nokia Has A Strong Advantage For Windows Phone 8

Everyone knows that the new Windows Phone 8 devices are coming soon, but the biggest question on most user's minds is which one should be at the top of their list. Without making it sound too simple, there shouldn't be much else to consider, at this moment, than the Nokia 820/920 lines of devices. This isn't due to the lack of specs from others, or even the fact that Nokia has better hardware than the others. This is due simply to Nokia having more development in the software department.

Nokia is light years ahead of any of the other manufacturers in terms of offering exclusive Apps, modification software and the ability to run new updates out faster than anyone else. Exclusive software like Nokia Drive, Nokia Maps and Nokia Music just push Nokia's hardware further ahead than anyone else. So if you are holding out on a new Windows Phone 8 device, shop carefully and check out all the 'stuff' your phone will come with before committing to that new hardware package. The software is really what will make your next device the best it can be, not just a great camera or bigger screen.

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