Monday, October 22, 2012

Data Saver: Navigation: Turn By Turn

If you have a Nokia Lumia handset in your pocket, you can stop reading this and just replace the "Navigation" word with Nokia Drive, but if you don't, you need to make your way to the market soon and check out the Navigation: Turn By Turn GPS system for Windows Phone. In a market where an offline navigation program will set you back $29.99 to $59.99, Navigation: Turn By Turn has a limited edition (US Maps Only) for only $4.99.

We did a full feature review on Navigation in the past, but as data limits become harder and harder to comply with, Apps like it deserve another look. For those bringing their older Windows Phones to third party or MVNO's like Red Pocket Mobile or Straight Talk, the offline mapping that is available will really save quite a chunk of the limited data on those plans.

To access this great feature, click the options menu, highlight the area of the map that you use the most and download it for offline use. Then simply check the box that says not to use your mobile data connection for mapping and you are off. It will use the maps you have downloaded as much as it can, but if you forget, you can always re-engage the online mapping when you are in a strange area that you don't have stored on your device.

Overall, the $4.99 price tag for Navigation: Turn By Turn is well worth it. The fact that the maps are available offline not only makes Navigation a great deal, but also makes it an amazing addition to your data saving Apps.

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