Wednesday, June 20, 2012

App Review: Navigator - Turn by Turn

One of the biggest gripes with Windows Phone is the lack of a true, built-in turn by turn navigation system in the OS. Fortunately, a few third party software solutions are available for users, though most of them come at a very steep price.

Navigator: Turn by Turn is currently available in the Market in two forms, an online mapping version and an offline mapping version. The online version does allow downloading maps in sections and will set users back $4.99. The full US offline version runs $49.99.

With only 16GB of storage available on the Focus S, I took a chance with the online version and downloaded my local area only (roughly the Puget Sound area of Washington State) and chomped up about 300MB of storage. I plotted a few routes which quickly and accurately planned them to businesses, contacts and even just random locations.

While the routes planned quickly, reroutes did even better. The reroutes were flawlessly planned on the fly and the reaction times to being deemed off route was fast, but not too fast.

Overall, I can completely recommend Navigator: Turn by Turn in either form, but my money is on the $4.99 version unless you are a heavy interstate traveler. If you are the latter, the full downloadable version might fit you better, but figure on 1.5 to 2 GB of storage for that US Map.

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