Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Setting Up Your Windows Phone For Red Pocket Mobile

One of the most common areas of complaint about using a prepaid or different carrier with the Samsung Focus S is how to enable the internet connection and media messages. Fortunately, Samsung has stepped in with a simple App called Wireless Manager to handle most of the heavy lifting on this one.

Wireless Manager opens up a simple menu and allows a quick adjustment to the APN, or the Access Point Name, of the device. Now this App is specifically for the Samsung phones, but HTC has their own "Connection Setup" App that does the same job. Nokia has yet to release an App in the US, but it's setup guide is pretty specific on changing that feature as well.

For the Focus S, which is the primary focus of this blog, editing the APN takes just seconds. First elect Wireless Manager from the application menu. One swipe to the right and you will see the "APN" header. A quick tap on "Edit APN" and you will see a few different APN's listed: internet_line, mms_line, softap_line and something resembling this {63A2B00C-1EE0-C086-5DC5-D246A688CF/b} if you phone's APN has been changed before. These are your phone's command sets for accessing the mobile network.

The Focus S is programmed to access AT&T's network out of the box, and since Red Pocket Mobile is on the same network, changes are minimal. Tap the mms_line setting. Change the 4th line down to att.mvno. Then scroll down to the Proxy address line and enter on it. The last step for configuring MMS messaging is to set the Proxy Port to 80. After that, your MMS settings are complete. Press the check box and you will return to the menu.

The data APN is much easier to change as you can edit this directly in the phone settings in the cellular settings. Enter the settings menu, then select cellular from the list. Data connection should be toggled to "On" and roaming may be selected. The Highest Connection Speed will probably show 3G which is fine. Below that you can tap the Edit APN button and actually change the data settings on the phone. In the APN box, enter att.mvno and skip down to Proxy server/URL. Enter in this box and 80 in the Proxy port box. Close the settings by pressing the check mark button and you are all set.

Now your Windows Phone should be able to receive MMS messages and your mobile data connection is fully functioning. For other carriers, you may need to find the matching MMS and Mobile Data settings in the form of Proxy addresses and port numbers.

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