Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Is The Focus S Already DOA?

With the announcement of Windows Phone 8 this morning, Microsoft dealt every single one of their customers a serious blow. The devices they have come to love and cherish are a dinosaur. Sure, it's a few months out. Sure, my 7.5 phone is great. Sure, I'm getting a 'special 7.8' update. But the fact of the matter is, we will only get one more. We will only get another month or two of developers writing Apps before the WP8 developer kit comes out. With today's announcement, Microsoft killed off the last 2 years of Windows Phone.

We felt the sting the first time Microsoft did this with Windows Mobile 6/6.5. When the announcement came down at for that one, our Touch Pro 2's, Omnia's and Moto Q's died. Sure, market support was there and it lasted a while, but the Apps weren't written and there was zero tech help to be found. Even XDA bailed on the one time market leader in mobile devices.

Sure, we know that you can't go buy a 2011 Corvette and expect the 2012 options to be added to it later for no charge, but how about a bit of help? Maybe offer those that purchased in the last 90 days a nifty bonus? Something along the lines of the "Nokia network connection issue credit?" Maybe offer Windows Phone 7.5 users a nice $100 credit towards that new slate or Xbox? How about a free copy of Windows 8 for their home computer? Anything to take the sting away.

Microsoft probably will never read this little blog. It's too bad too, because we are the ones that use the devices and we are the ones that feel just a tad jipped right now. Not that our Focus S that is running 7.5 is a problem child at all, but the fact that there is zero chance that a current run Focus 2 that is on sale at AT&T today will run the software that was announced this morning is a total bummer. It just made every device that has Windows Phone loaded on it today almost impossible to give away.

It's really too bad too. The design of the Focus S was a great one, but now the hardware is obsolete and the OS is too. Let's hope that the 7.8 update that comes soon will have plenty of Windows Phone 8 features in it to keep us going a while longer.

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