Monday, June 4, 2012

Game Review: Mafia Game

As a long time fan of gaming on mobile devices, it is only natural to make sure that gaming on the Focus S is a good experience. With XBox Live titles expanding quickly, it is pretty easy to kill some time with them, but outside the XBox titles are some hidden gems.

Mafia Game is eerily similar to that old MySpace/Facebook title "Mafia Wars". Zynga really did a fabulous job with the original, and Mafia Game is about the same on level of play. The same premise of the game remains. You build out your mafia by inviting others using your code. Then you accrue money and experience to build out your mob's weapons and defensive ratings. The goal is simple and you can't die, so growing in the game is simple.

Although the game play is rather boring, for strategy hounds and fans of old school online gaming Mafia Game will definitely hold its own for a bit. I'm on my 4th week playing and have reached level 55 with 40+ in my mob. Overall, it is completely worth the free download.

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