Saturday, June 16, 2012

My Favorite Apps

There are always those that respond to my, "I use a Windows Phone," comments with... Really, I might try it, but they don't have any Apps... I laugh and ask them how many their OS has, then proceed to tell them that 15 versions of Angry Birds is more than one store should have. And no, slicing fruit and slicing sheep are still the same game. Those App stores and Markets that have 500,000 titles allow themes, add-on packs and even links to web pages in to their totals. I guess Microsoft has a bit higher standards for what is considered software. With that said, here are a few of my personal favorites.

SkyDrive: This App allows full access to your Microsoft Live SkyDrive online storage. If you were lucky enough to sign up for an account back in the day and saw the notice of the size change, you still have 25GB of free online space. If not, or if you are new, then you will see 7GB of free storage. You can store anything from PDF files to videos. All accessible with one touch.

Navigator: Turn By Turn ($4.99) is the perfect replacement software for those that aren't happy with Bing's 'tap for next' mapping system. Sure it's $5, but the ability to cache maps offline is worth it to most people. I cached the area we travel around the most and turn off the mobile data usage in the settings and life is good. Live rerouting, estimated time of arrival and navigate to contact are also extremely helpful to have. Now coming from Google Navigator in Android, Navigator seems more than a bit flat, but it does the job and does it well.

Fhotoroom is a great free photo editor and sharing system. Simply long press a photo from you camera roll and select Apps from the menu. Then edit away and share on Fhotoroom with one click. When you finish, you can save the photos to your SkyDrive account or you internal phone memory. The perfect App for anyone that likes to play with pictures.

iHeartRadio is the best companion for those days when you tire of the music you preloaded on your phone. With a few simple clicks the App is open and you are in business with the artist of your choice. iHeartRadio seems to be a bit more stable than the other major streaming music App, Slacker Radio, so it has one the valuable storage space on my device.

Amazon Kindle... Do I need to say more. The 4.3" screen is great for catching up on some reading and lets me do it without having to take my tablet out. I don't recommend it for reading War and Peace, but given enough time, I think I'd even get through that one without much issue.

So there are a few apps that are on my Focus S that I think everyone should look at. Let me know what you think of them.

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