Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Over Two Months Later...

As I began scrolling through my photos on my Focus S today, I came to the startling realization that I have had this device in my hands for over 2 months now. Honestly, I remember debating the switch from Android to Windows Phone. It wasn't an easy choice and to this day there are plenty of pro's and con's to the move. That said, the Focus S is still my daily driver, and here's why.

First, the slim line form factor of the Focus S has an amazing feel. It isn't the sturdy feel of the HTC Radar or the slick feel of the original HTC EVO 4G, but it's a very nice feeling handset. The other positive the Focus S has going for it is the extremely solid battery life. A full charge easily lasts me through a normal days use. The last reason the Focus S stays in my pocket is the excellent camera. The video and photo functions of the Focus S are simply great for blogging and capturing important memories.

Now we can move on to why Windows Phone continues to reign as my operating system of choice. The best way to describe why WP7 continues to stay in my pocket is that it simply works. My Focus S has had zero problems with any of the issues that plagued my Android experiences. No text messaging loops, failed messages, data connection problems or incompatible Apps. It isn't a perfect OS, but as far as working as a phone, WP7 is light years ahead of even the best custom ROMs that I loaded on to my EVO 4G or Exhibit II.

Where Windows Phone continues to shine in daily use is something that the others just don't get, integration. Working with the People Hub, you can instantly access all your social networking sites in one simple interface. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are all supported directly in the People Hub. See your phone book, friend's photos and even their status updates with simple flicking to the left and right. Integration this deep almost makes the actual Apps redundant.

The important entertainment Apps are also here. Sure, Pandora is missing, but the built in FM Radio can let you jam to tunes without using any cell data. Also Apps like iHeartRadio, Slacker Radio and LastFM will let you use that data connection to its max every month. Using the Zune software on the device is also a great way to enjoy some tunes without using much battery or data. A Zune pass will set you back a Benjamin a year, but for unlimited music, is a few bucks a month all that bad?

The video and movie enthusiasts will enjoy the crisp 800x480 screens on Windows Phone devices. With apps like the built in Zune player and Netflix, the selection of streaming content is amazing. Just watch that data or you might incur the wrath of the overage lords.

Finally, for those that really want a quality communication experience, Windows Phone doesn't let you down. With features like linked inboxes, live tiles and that aforementioned People Hub, WP7 makes keeping in touch with friends and family all too easy. One touch access to everyone you know is what makes Windows Phone the best OS on the market today.

Sure, it still suffers from what some like to call "smartphone infancy" as it is only in its second version, but as far as functional use, WP7 is an amazing work. As we watch on the horizon for WP8, we can only hope that Microsoft continues to create a superior OS to all the competitors.

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