Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Keeping Tabs On Your Friends

If there is one thing that a phone OS must to today, besides sending a text and making a phone call, it is social networking. Microsoft has a great start on building this feature in to Windows Phone with the People Hub.

People Hub gives you one touch access to all things Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn. One tap of the live tile and you are in the main screen, which shows the updates and posts from your various social networks. A quick swipe and you are viewing your contact list. A tap and you can see Bob's most recent Tweet. It is all very seamless and fluid.

There are plenty of other "built in" social networking apps out there, but few offer the fluidity of the People Hub. After simply adding your account in the settings menu, People Hub self populates with the information. No additional setup is needed to get started. If you are a social networker and need to simplify your networking, try People Hub today. Get started by tapping the People tile on your menu screen.

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