Monday, February 11, 2013

Game Review: Blockfall

About 10 years ago, Tetris set the bar for block sorting games pretty high. Not many have ever reached the popularity levels of that masterpiece, and fewer still will ever have a chance of dethroning it as the greatest ever. Blockfall, despite its original concept, is one of those that just falls a bit short of the glory category.

The concept is simple enough. Blocks are lined up vertically on the screen and you touch the shape that matches the bottom of the row to score. Make a mistake, lose points. Get them all right and keep playing.

Blockfall isn't one of those must have games, but it is a great playing experience for those 5 minute waits or while you need a bit of stimulation during the day. Another bonus for Blockfall is the free price tag and the small size.

Check out "Blockfall" for Windows Phone

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