Saturday, February 2, 2013

Protecting Your Lumia 920's Screen

Protecting that new Nokia Lumia 920 without losing functionality is a tough one. One of the biggest selling points of the 920 is the fact that you can use the screen with gloves, through a parka, or even a bag, The Gorilla Glass 2 screen is very durable, but a screen protector does more than prevent scratches. A good screen protector can ease glare, will help prevent against finger print smudges and even kid proof your phone. I say this because I witnessed my boss' child cover his old Motorola Droid X with white out this week. Even after 'scrubbing' it for an hour, there was still white out all over the device.

That said, today we look at the Gadget Guard Invisible Screen Protector For Nokia Lumia 920. The $14.99 price tag puts the Gadget Guard at the top of the price list, but the solid construction and easy application justifies the pricing easily. The protector is thick enough to provide adequate protection, but not so thick that it becomes cumbersome to the device or its feel.

Overall, I can't recommend the Gadget Guard Invisible Screen Protector For Nokia Lumia 920 enough for Lumia 920 owners. The protection is fantastic and, as screen protectors go, it's one of the finest guards available tody.

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