Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Few Days With The HTC 8x

Getting my hands on a new device is always amazing, well almost always. Once I was able to get my mitts on the uber-sleek new HTC 8x I realized what perfection in a handset feels like. The slender chassis of the 8x takes only a moment to settle into your hand and feel like a natural extension of yourself. The long, thin design feels perfect when typing emails or talking for hours. The curved glass face feels completely natural when swiping and navigating the live tiles of Windows Phone 8.

Enough of how amazing the phone feels, lets get down to the actual performance of the device. The speedy dual core processor performs flawlessly in every aspect. The 16GB of internal memory stores plenty of music and videos for the average user. Many claim the lack of an external SD slot is a major hardware drawback, but with SkyDrive WiFi sync built into Windows Phone 8, users can sync photo and video content to their PC's without cords and even without the PC being there. This is a great feature for those on vacations or that spend a decent amount of time away from their PC's.

Speaking of those amazing vacation photos, the HTC 8x features one of the fastest cameras on the market today. The images are colored beautifully, have a crisp look and are captured ultra fast with the f/2.0 lens. As amazing as the rear facing camera is, the 22 degree angle front facing camera is the truly sparkling gem of this device.

The, for lack of a better term, best feature of the 8x is this camera. If they had added a flash, it would be market dominance from the first click. The extreme angles that the wide angle lens is able to capture allows for complete self portraits, not just that close up head shot that everyone has a hundred of. This feature alone makes the 8x stand alone in the best of category in any smartphone circle.

As we start to use more than the camera, the phone begins to shine even more. The  music features include the monstrous sound of HTC's Beats Audio. Beats brings even the most lackluster MP3 files to life with increased depth, clearer highs and well defined mids. Regardless of the earphones you choose, Beats simply sounds better and the 8x is ready to handle your musical needs.

The 8x continues to shoot down the competition with its crystal clear 4.3" display and finger friendly curved glass. The device feels smaller than its size by HTC's brilliant use of the widescreen measurement rather than the normal WVGA sizes. By stretching the screen length wise, HTC designers have made the jumbo smartphone feel compact and easy to handle.

With the HTC 8x being available on every US carrier with the exception of Sprint, it is an easy upgrade choice for everyone looking for that blend of power and finesse. Its 4.3" gorgeous display, full day battery and Windows Phone 8 OS will make even the most frustrated smartphone user forget they ever had an issue. The HTC 8x is currently available from AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless.

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