Sunday, January 13, 2013

Nokia Apps Gone Missing On WP8

When my Lumia 810 for my Solavei was delivered, I was excited as a kid in a candy store. I began to install all my favorite Apps from my Lumia 900 and realized that many of them were no longer in the Store.At first I thought it would just be a matter of a few days until my Counters, Play To and a few others could be popped back on to my 810, but now that we are nearly a month into the change over, they are still nowhere to be found.

To make matters worse, the ecosystem that made the Lumia 710, 800 and 900 such incredible values, has deteriorated under the problems that have arisen since the launch of Windows Phone 8. Issues like DRM management causing Nokia Music to have an audio drop are frustrating some users while others have no idea that there is a problem.

As Nokia continues to release 7.5/7,8 device for emerging markets, it may be time for them to consider bringing some firepower to the WP8 lineup. Losing Apps like Counters and Play To may not be the end all of the Lumia experience, but for those that relied upon them for daily use, losing key Apps might be enough to take a look at one of those competitive devices, or worse yet, a different OS all together.

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