Saturday, January 19, 2013

App Review: Shutter Pro

Increasing the Windows Phone camera capabilities isn't always easy, but still, App makers continue to try. Today, we look at a filtering App called Shutter Pro. After a quick install, pressing the Shutter Pro icon brings forth a slightly augmented camera interface. A simple tap on the screen allows for a quick photo to be snapped.

After you capture your image, a quick touch of the magic wand reveals the editing options and available filters. Overall, the filters do a nice job of applying those "instagramish" effects to images. The other nice part about Shutter Pro is the ability to save your custom filters for later use.

Shutter Pro is a free download in the Market or Store on your Windows Phone device. While it isn't a must have for all, shutter bugs might enjoy it, but I'll stick to the more powerful editing features of Fhotoroom.

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