Saturday, January 12, 2013

Game Review: Bubble Gum Air

In an effort to get the word out on great time killers, not to mention great additions for Kid's Corner on your device, we've been looking at great entertainment for all ages on your Windows Phone. Today's conquest is Bubble Gum Air.

Bubble Gum Air is a rather simple game, at least in principle, where you fly your bubble gum blowing monkey through the field up upset birds that try and bring you down.

The controls of the game are all but too easy... You fly along at a set rate, only needing to press the screen to fly higher. Letting off the screen makes your bubble smaller causing you to float downward.

Overall, Bubble Gum Air is a hoot and a half and is simple enough for even a three year old to play. The game gets harder and harder as it goes on, so it will eventually challenge the toughest players, eventually.

Bubble Gum Air is temporarily free in the Market/Store for your Windows Phone devices. We recommend giving the 6MB download a shot. It is definitely fun, even short term.

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