Tuesday, September 16, 2014

App Review: Device Shot Is A Developer’s Dream

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When trying to get the word out about your App, getting a good screen shot can be hard. Even tougher is getting a great shot to look like it’s on a device, not in some simulator somewhere. Device Shot from InfiniteLoop is one such title that most developer shouldn’t live without. The simple App allows you to “crop” screen shots into the screen of many well know devices. It’s the perfect tool for developers to make their titles come to life right on the screen of the latest hardware.

It literally takes only seconds, to make create your device with the screen of your choice in Device Shot. Simply side load your App via your developer tools, snap a screen shot of it in action and select the device from the list provided. Here you can see a great shot of the HTC One M8 for Windows from it’s unboxing placed on a brilliant rendering of the HTC 8x Windows Phone.

Device Shot is $.99 for the full version and should be considered a must have tool for every Windows Phone developer out there. The 36MB size is a bit large for every day users, but for a developer, the space couldn’t be spent in a better way.

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