Thursday, September 18, 2014

Game Review: Zap Them All In Tower Of Many


Tooling around the Windows Phone Store looking for something fun, I stumbled upon an instant classic. Tower Of Many, struck me as a mix between my love, tower defense games and my loathe, runner games. Fortunately, the love won out in this case as Tower Of Many comes out as a total win.


Game play is easy enough. You touch the shooters at the top of the display and then blast the crawlers coming from left to right. You have to pick them off before the reach the opposite side or you lose. While nailing the little buggers can be challenging, overall, it was simple enough to master the easier levels. Of course, once you turn up the heat, things start getting a bit tougher, but you can find that out for yourself.

Tower Of Many is just plain fun. You will spend hours of battery life over just a few days killing off those bad guys. The 15MB download size is more than manageable for even the smallest Windows Phones on the market today.

Tower Of Many is available in the Windows Phone Store and is well worth the download. Check out Tower Of Many for Windows Phone by clicking the link below.

Download: Tower Of Many

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